Bradley Wiebe

Designer + Full Stack Engineer

Illustration:This is a page from my book, "Peacho ~ The Monkey Who Didn't Like Bananas".



Born and raised on a Mennonite farm in Reedley, CA, Bradley always loved creating things that worked well and looked beautiful. He won art competitions throughout high school but was even more fascinated with the way things work. Bradley chose to major in Biochemistry strictly for the academic challenge. Following graduation he pursued a career in software engineering.


Lean UX. That best describes Bradley's approach to design. In our cluttered, ad-filled existence it is imperative that we design for an audience that needs a little space. Space for their eyes and space for their mind.


Those who inspire Bradley include Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed homes that flowed naturally from their environment. Walt Disney, who strove to imbue his work with a dedication to magic. And, Steve Jobs, who gave Pixar (and Apple) the clarity to focus on the "why", otherwise known as the "story".

Where He's Headed

Bradley continues to educate himself and refine his skills by taking courses from Stanford Online as well as joining in the community at Free Code Camp. His goal is to partner with entrepreneurs as a technology partner to bring powerful ideas into the reality of the marketplace.